Thursday, July 16, 2009

Idea 1.2

The film version of Alexander Nevsky was made in 1938, 37 years after Verdi had passed away. thoughts:

1) What if Verdi had wanted to write on opera on the subject of Nevsky?
2) What if Prokofiev wrote an opera in his head, and the music that made its way out became the film score (and the subsequent oratorio).
3) What if a spiritual ancestor of Woody Allen were to direct it, or wanted to direct it, but the job went to Sergei Eisenstein (which it of course did).
4) Would Verdi know about Nevsky? how would he find out? How does Queen Victoria fit into all this? Or her daughters? (She had six).

1) The Russian baritone Georgy Baklanov died in 1938.
2) Even more Important, that is the year that Chaliapin died.
3) If neither of them were around, who would have sung the role?

Who says Woody Allen couldn't direct opera??????

For our viewing pleasure:

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